Terrot Project




As part of this international gathering of motorcycle collectors, FFVE wishes to highlight some of its missions and objectives, namely to unite the clubs, professionals and museums, encouraging young people to join the movement and help in restoring vehicles without forgetting the old security component necessary to any use of the vehicle yesterday.

Logo lyceeNaturally a partnership was established between the town of Cavaillon, FFVE, the Technical and Professional School Alexandre Dumas and catering professionals.

Ms. FOURNIE, Professional School director has agreed to participate in a restoration project of an old motorcycle through the association Auto Passion of the institution, supervised by teachers and volunteer students from the mechanical section. The restoration will involve a popular French motorcycle TERROT 500 Model RL 1931.

The project that has been many approaches to the authorities: the Deputy Mayor of Cavaillon and Mrs the Headmaster, was accepted in its entirety.

Motivated students and supervised by teachers ensure mechanical engine disassembly of the box, verification, disassembly, cleaning and classification of different body parts. recognized professionals will ensure both the mechanical restoration work that the final painting.

After restoration, the final winding be done in consultation between the members of the school and professionals for a perfect result.

Arnaud AYASSE, professional specializing in older vehicles (small son of former Mr Ayasse President of club des Trapadelles) and Claude RIERA renowned coachbuilder oversee the restoration and the purchase of parts that will need to be replaced (rims, upholstery, clutch, electrical, chrome , cable, sheath, etc ...)

The Fondation de France and the Motul Foundation have each awarded a grant to provide financial assistance to the restoration of this machine. This financial assistance will be subject to detailed monitoring both the progress of work on the expenses incurred. In addition, a documentary aid was requested from François SASSU, Director of Marseille Museum.

This bike, once restored FIVA will participate in the rally and will be exhibited in various exhibitions motorcycles and / or bikes Museum of Marseille.

The Terrot like it is when it enters the Professional School