Who are we?

FFVE: a recognized Federation

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The French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (F.F.V.E.) was established in 1967 and represents French collectors of vintage vehicles: cars, motorbikes, commercial, military and agricultural. To be considered for collection, these vehicles must be at least 30 years of age on January 1st of the current year.


FFVE including the headquarters in Paris and administrative headquarters at Boulogne, is an association governed by the law of July 1st, 1901. Since 2016, Alain Guillaume is our President.

The Directors are from six colleges, Marks Clubs, Multimarques, Motorcycles, Utility-Military-Agricultural Museums and Professionals vintage vehicles.

FFVE federates 1200 Clubs, Associations or museums which include 230 000 collectors with around 800 000 vehicles, 40 museums and 200 professionals, the latter representing 20 000 jobs and an annual turnover estimated at 4 billion euros.

Rationale and activities

The FFVE is there to defend the old vehicles, cultural and industrial heritage, promoting, preserving, facilitating their restoration in the respect of the authenticity and finally allow them to be driven, and thus save their first automobile quality.

The mission of the FFVE is also to draw attention of the legislator on the specificity of older vehicles. Since 1984, it has received delegation of the Ministry of Transport for the issuance of certificates dating and characteristics, allowing the government to establish the registration cards called "collection". Over 10 000 cases are treated each year.

Since 2001, FFVE is recognized by the Ministry of Culture which has become one of the main partners, especially on the occasion of the Annual Heritage Days.

Finally, by order of February 9th 2009, the FFVE was recognized of public utility by the State Council.

FFVE founding member of the International Federation of Vintage Vehicles (F.I.V.A.), which groups 66 countries on five continents. FIVA turns 50 in 2016, FFVE his own in 2017, and organized as such the global motorcycle rally FIVA 2017.